Is Your Profession Making You Fat?

While your waistline is ultimately a product of what you eat, your activity level and genetics, where you work has a significant impact on your weight.  Those who sit at a desk all day naturally have a harder time staying slim than those working construction.   Which professions are the fattest?

A recent study looked at workers in Washington State to see how profession impacts weight.  The study also looked at fruit and vegetable consumption and leisure-time activity levels to see which professions were faring best off the job. 

Not surprisingly, truck drivers fared worst in all aspects of health.  Truck drivers reported the highest percentage of smoking and were among the least likely professions to exercise during leisure time.  Just 16% of truckers had adequate fruit and vegetable intake.  Other hefty professions included workers in protective services, workers in cleaning services, workers in health services (excluding nurses and providers) and mechanics. 

Pat yourselves on the back NP's, PA's and MD's, health diagnosing professions fared best in the study with the lowest obesity rates of any profession.  Just 4% of those working in health diagnosing professions smoke and 45% reported exercising in their free time, more than every occupation except workers in protective services. 

Other types of healthcare workers didn't fare as well when it came to weight.  Nurses and workers in health services showed high rates of obesity compared to diagnosing providers.

I was happy to see that NPs, PAs and MDs fared well when compared to other professions.  It looks like we are doing a good job of practicing what we preach.  Living our own healthy lifestyles is essential to our credibility.  It's time we urge our co-workers to get healthier as well.  Encouraging the entire healthcare team to get on board when it comes to diet, exercise and weight will send an even stronger message.