What Mistakes Do You Wish Your Patients Would Stop Making?

This weekend I joined the Fox and Friends crew to talk common mistakes patients make. From driving oneself to the emergency department with a serious illness or injury (gunshot wounds deserve a 911 call, people!) to waiting out stroke symptoms (the inability to move your entire right side is a sign something bad is happening), I gave a few examples of patient mistakes I witness in my own practice. But, now, you weigh in!

As nurse practitioners and physician assistants I know there have got to be a few things your patients do that drive you absolutely nuts. What are they?

E-mail your submissions to midlevelu@midlevelu.com or post them as a comment below and I will compile a comprehensive list to be published as a blog post. I can't wait to hear your thoughts! Bonus points for submissions that make me laugh. 


The patient that says, "My arm was numb, my face felt funny and I had trouble speaking so I thought I was tired and went to sleep"!

Jodie Stone