We've Got a New Look: MidlevelU Goes Mobile!

Don't you hate it when you try to peruse websites on your phone and you're constantly forced to contract and expand the page to accommodate small fonts and large photos? We do too. I mentioned in March that I was taking a trip to Jaipur, India to meet with the MidlevelU tech team. Finally, after weeks of hard work and website testing, the MidlevelU mobile site has launched!

My nurse practitioner training certainly did not prepare me for website development complexities but thankfully MidlevelU's partners in India had them covered. Over multiple 5am Skype sessions from across the globe (I still don't understand how there can be an 11 hour and 30 minuts time difference), one in-person cricket match, and a bout of a traveler's GI bug (I'll spare you the details), we worked through technical issues and conquered design dilemmas. Admittedly, MidlevelU's trusted programmers did most of the work. 

Here at MidlevelU HQ in Nashville, TN we're excited to announce the launch of the mobile version of the MidlevelU website as it means you can now stay up to date with the latest nurse practitioner happenings on the go. Whether you're getting a mani/pedi, waiting at the repair shop, or taking five at work, you can now access MidlevelU's features with ease. No more screen adjustments needed. Here are a few things you can expect from MidlevelU's new mobile site:

  1. Easy to use, interactive message boards where you can post questions for and give feedback to other nurses and nurse practitioners (get involved in the MidlevelU community on the go by creating an account here).
  2. Mobile video ecourses outlining everything from how to take the leap into nurse practitioner education to advice when it comes to prescribing controlled substances (check out ecourses on MyMidlevelU by creating an account here).
  3. Blog posts brought to you in a mobile ready format. No more micro text.
  4. All of MidlevelU's features such as the Career Advisor Program remain free to NPs. We're anxious to help with your job search!

We've still got a few projects lined up that were started on our India trip (yeah, yeah, we realize it's been a couple months but these things take time!). So, stay tuned to the MidlevelU site for more exciting changes to come. Oh, yeah, and be patient as we work out any kinks!

Thanks for reading :) You all are the best.