We've Got an iPhone App + Giveaway!

I mentioned that I traveled to Jaipur, India last month to visit MidlevelU's tech team. Unfortunately, my nurse practitioner education left me deficient when it comes to computer know-how, so MidlevelU's overseas team handles all things IT. This year, between a tiger safari, eating copious amounts of chicken tikka, and a friendly cricket match, MidlevelU's tech team and I found time to work on a special new project (OK, they did almost all of the work...). Yes, that's right, MidlevelU has an app!

Frequently finding myself in situations like killing time at the airport, stuck at a standstill in traffic, or simply with five odd minutes to kill, I'm constantly turning towards my phone for entertainment. I have to admit, Instagram is my favorite go-to, but when I'm not in the mood for comparing my boring day to my friend's latest adventures, I enjoy checking out apps associated with my other interests. Given my affinity for all things app related, here at MidlevelU we just had to have an app of our own. 

To tell you more about MidlevelU's newest creation, I think a little F.A.Q. is in order. Here are the answers to your most pressing questions about the new MidlevelU app. 

How do I get the MidlevelU iPhone app?

To download the MidlevelU app, follow these steps: 

  1. Visit the App Store on your iPhone 
  2. Search for 'MidlevelU'
  3. Click 'Get' to download the app 

I should also mention that the app is 100% free!

My phone is out of storage space. How can I make room for the MidlevelU app?

Deleting any of the apps featured in our #1 Apps for Tracking Number 2's blog post should do the trick. You're too young to be watching your bowel movements so closely. 

What kinds of information will I find on the MidlevelU app?

MidlevelU's new app is chock-full of content for nurse practitioners and physician assistants. With the app, you can check out current and past blog posts relevant to the NP or PA education and career. Share your thoughts on blog posts by posting comments of your own.

With the app, you can also interact with other users sharing education and career questions, thoughts, and advice by posting on the MidlevelU message board.

Finally, if you're looking for a nurse practitioner or physician assistant job, the MidlevelU app has got you covered. View our latest job postings and apply for NP and PA jobs through the app itself. Yep, we're pretty much full service!

When do you suggest using the MidlevelU app?

We suggest using the MidlevelU app anytime and everywhere! The following are key places and times to consider perusing MidlevelU's latest posts on the app:

  • When you're stuck at your mother-in-law's house for the weekend
  • On the toilet
  • While viewing a professional golf game on TV with your sig-o (soo long!)
  • In an attempt to stay awake before your relief arrives after an overnight hospital shift

We suggest avoiding use of the MidlevelU app at the following times:

  • Rarely
  • While performing I&D of a buttocks abscess
  • When driving
  • Almost never

I think that clears it up...

I have a computer. Why should I download MidlevelU's app, too?

Content on the MidlevelU app can also be found on the MidlevelU website. The idea behind the app is to make this content easily accessible on the go. If you're not an app person, continue to visit us the old school way on the world wide web. We won't take your failure to download the app personally. 

I have ideas about making the app better. How can I get in touch with MidlevelU's tech team?

We would love to hear your ideas for improving the MidlevelU app! Please send an email outlining the problem you are experiencing with the app, or your ideas for advancement to customerservice@midlevelu.com.

Umm, you said something about a giveaway?

Yes! Our friends at FIGS are helping celebrate the launch of the MidlevelU app by giving away a set of scrubs to one MidlevelU reader. Here's how to win a set of scrubs of your choosing from FIGS: 

  1. Download the MidlevelU app from the app store
  2. Check out the app
  3. Rate the MidlevelU app and post a review in the app store
  4. Email giveaways@midlevelu.com with the reason you could use a new set of scrubs from FIGS

A big 'thank you' to FIGS for helping us celebrate the launch of the MidlevelU app. We hope you love it!



Android version is in progress! We will let you know when it is complete. 

Erin Tolbert

Hi Erin,

So this app is only available for iPhone and Ipad? What about android phone? I feel so left out because I couldn't download this app into my Samsung Galaxy phone:- (.


I just downloaded the app

Lisa Magliolo

When will the app be available for Android users

Mary Jackson