Weekly Wrap Up 1.8.16

This photo pretty much sums up my week. I arrived home from a New Year's vacation in Florida with family to the bitter cold of Tennessee. My Indiana born husband would argue it's not that cold here, but I consider temperatures in the 20's cruel and unusual. While the winter chill has been a smack in the face, I'm grateful to be back in a productive weekly routine. I'm loving my home more than ever after being away and somehow the weekly grind seems refreshing. How has your week back been?

If, like me, you've been out of the loop recently, check out this week's more interesting happenings in the medical world. 

A surefire way to see pharmaceutical reps in a timely fashion

A virus that causes birth defects could spread to the U.S. The rare Zika virus is spread by mosquitoes and has been linked to severe birth defects in Brazil and Puerto Rico. The virus causes microcephaly, a neurological disorder which can stunt brain development in newborns. 

Doctor who collapsed after 16-hour surgery praised for saving patient's hand. After the surgery, the Chinese physician collapsed on the operating room floor and fell asleep. Chinese media reports 'she hadn't slept well in days'. 

This is quite possibly the strangest medical device on the market. Babypod is an intravaginal speaker system for fetuses. The company believes the internal music system is a better way to expose fetuses to music, purported to aid in cognitive and motor development. 

Heavy misconceptions about the weight of the world. Chart compares perceived vs. actual obesity rates. 

At last. Medicaid may begin to pay for some inpatient addiction treatment. Now, the federal government is willing to chip in to help state Medicaid programs cover 15 days of inpatient rehab per month. 

Do heavier waiters influence how much we order? New research says 'yes'. Diners with heavier waiters are four times more likely to order dessert and sip on 18% more alcoholic beverages. 

Here's how health experts ranked 38 of the most popular diets

Man who held nurse practitioner hostage faces charges. The Aurora, CO man brought a handgun with him to his appointment and could be sentenced to 20 years in prison. Scary.

Scientists discover new information about how the flu virus 'hijacks' cells to infect the body. The findings pave the way for more effective antiviral treatments. 

Happy (almost) weekend!