Weekly Medical Recap 8.9.14

Sigh. Our annual family vacation at the lake has come to a close. We ended the week in true summer fashion with an evening campfire on the beach, s'mores included, of course. How do you plan on spending your weekend? If you've been out of the loop this week, check out these more interesting medical news stories. 

The Knick, starring Clive Owen, is the latest new TV medical drama. The show takes place in New York's Knickerbocker hospital in 1900 and features the gruesome origins of modern medicine. I think I'll pass

Odd but true, a tick bite can make you allergic to red meat. Soaring numbers of people are suffering violent reactions just hours after eating burgers and steak. Bites from the tick are thought to trigger an immune response to sugars found in meats.

This pen helps identify cancerous lesions. The new tool identifies skin cancer in a non-invasive manner reducing the number of unnecessary skin biopsies. 

Does your windowless hospital feel like the Twilight Zone? Change could be on the horizon. A new study shows that natural light makes for happier, more alert nurses

What is the best way to brush your teeth? We may never know. Brushing advice given by dental associations, and even published in dental textbooks, varies widely as experts cannot come to a consensus on the most effective way to perform the daily ritual. 

'Gluten-free' now actually means gluten-free. Last year, the FDA issued an ultimatum that food manufacturers had one year to meet requirements for products labeled 'gluten-free'. Time is up. Products advertised as such must now have undetectable levels of gluten. 

12 Ebola questions you're wondering about

Is candy the answer to alcohol dependence? Similar to alcohol, other foods containing sugar and other carbohydrates increase serotonin production taking the edge off bad moods. 

Talk burpee to me. Flirting is a common part of the CrossFit craze. The workout promotes not only strength training and healthy eating, it also provides a social forum for fitness junkies. 

Have a wonderful weekend!