Weekly Medical Recap 8.22.14

Hello, hello! I hope you've all had a fabulous week. Mine has been packed with work and travel, heading from studio to studio for Fox News shoots then back to the ER to pull a couple of all-nighters. It's great to finally be home and settled in Nashville sipping coffee at my own kitchen table. If you missed my latest Fox News segments, you can watch them here and here. And, if you're still craving the latest, check out this week's more interesting medical news. 

If a fly landed on your food, would you still eat it? According to one study, two-thirds of people would still dig in if a fly landed on their meal, but only 3 percent would do so if a roach crawled over their food. What people don't realize is that house flies are twice as filthy as cockroaches. 

Scooby Doo film features a new villan...getting fat! In the flick, Daphney, usually a svelte size 2, balloons to a size 8. Parents are up in arms over the body image implications of the historically amenable cartoon. 

What makes people look like their pets? Researchers say it's all in the eyes. 

Doctors in India are baffled over this medical mystery. 8-year-old Kaleem's hands have ballooned in size to a combined weight of 40 pounds. They believe the condition may be due to lymphangioma. 

How smart are your kids? Their sketches may give you a clue. The ability to draw a picture of a person at age 4 was linked to intelligence ten years later. 

A new laser device could put an end to the pin pricks required to check blood sugar in diabetics. Researchers have developed a way to measure blood sugar using a laser device directed at the palm. Now, they must work on shrinking the system to a more portable size. 

Burger King ditches low calorie 'satisfries'. The fries, designed to absorb less oil, were introduced as a way to attract health-conscious customers. Now that sales have fizzled, the fast food chain is reintroducing high cal chicken fries. 

A different kind of travel medicine? 'Suicide tourism' to Switzerland has doubled since 2009. The country has unclear laws regarding assisted suicide. The new trend is renewing the ethical debate behind the practice. 

Hold the bacon! Breakfast may be overrated according to a review of recent research. In multiple studies, eating breakfast didn't have an effect on making people fatter, or thinner. "Breakfast may be just another meal" says Emily Dhurandhar, leader of the study. 

Have a wonderful weekend!