Weekend Wrap Up 9.8.16

Happy, happy Friday! The short work week has whizzed by. Given my habit of planning overly ambitious weekend activities, I'm heading out of town this afternoon to go camping. I can't wait to get a campfire going and to taste my first s'mores of 2016. Mmmm, delish. You can't beat a dinner consisting of chocolate, marshmallows, and red wine. What are you up to this weekend? If the workday afternoon is dragging on, check out these medical news articles on the lighter side to help pass the time. 

Zika has doubled devastating birth defects involving the nervous system in Brazil. An analysis of hospital records revealed the startling statistic. Researchers are using their findings to identify possible reasons behind why some areas of the country were hit harder than others. 

Fish fraud is absolutely rampant, according to a new report. In the study, one in five seafood samples was mislabeled. In a Santa Monica, California restaurant, for example, two sushi chefs were found to be selling whale meat as tuna. 

Will new sepsis guidance prompt a surge in unnecessary use of antibiotics? Increased attention to sepsis has some experts concerned that healthcare providers may now administer infection fighting drugs "just in case". 

In other antimicrobial news, a new study shows that babies given antibiotics are more likely to develop eczema. The association was stronger if children received antibiotics more than once. The study highlights the importance of judicious antibiotic prescribing among providers. 

You brain on pumpkin spiced latte - 3 reasons why you're hooked. 

How much do drugs for rare diseases add to healthcare spending? So called 'orphan drugs' have accounted for an increasingly larger percentage of drug spending in recent years. 
Cheers! Physical activity curbs some of the harmful effects of drinking alcohol. Excess alcohol intake can lead to the development of chronic diseases such as cancer and heart disease. Some research indicates that physical activity acts through similar, but opposite biological pathways, countering alcohol's effects. 
The number of physician practices owned by hospitals leaps, latest survey finds. Doctors are selling out as hospital ownership of medical practices has increased 86% in the last three years. 
The world's smallest baby is thriving after premature birth. Baby Emilia was delivered at 26 weeks after doctors feared she wasn't getting enough nutrition. At 8 ounces, some experts believe she's the lightest preemie ever born. 
Have a fabulous weekend!