Weekend Wrap Up 7.22.16

Happy Friday! How has your week been? Mine has been busy, busy, busy, here in Nashville prepping for the upcoming Midlevels for the Medically Underserved Kickoff, as well as working in the emergency department. Temperatures here in Tennessee are topping out around the 100 degree mark these days, so seeking refuge indoors with my laptop is a welcome pastime. If you, too, are seeking some relief from the heat, crank up the AC and check out this week's more interesting medical news stories to get you through to the weekend. 

The funniest stand-up comedians are more likely to die young. In a recent study, authors investigated whether stand-up comedians were more likely to die young compared to comedic or dramatic actors, as well as whether funnier stand-up comedians were more prone to death than less funny comics. The answer to both questions, unfortunately, was yes. 

Olympic sprinting legend Allyson Felix shares four ways to kick up your workouts

Sorry overachieving moms. Homemade baby food may not be healthier than store bought. A new study showed that while home-cooked meals are less expensive and do have more nutrients overall, they often have more salt, more fat, more calories, and less vegetable variety per meal than their packaged counterparts. 

Scientists are one step closer to a Chlamydia vaccine. Canadian researchers have developed a prototype which successfully fought off the infection in mice. 

Beer bottles will soon include a reality check - a calorie count. How many calories does your favorite brew set you back?

You might want to opt for an alternative to grilling burgers this weekend. New evidence shows that red meat consumption is associated with increased risk for developing renal disease. No association to similar kidney problems was found with consuming other sources of protein like fish, eggs, poultry, or dairy products. 

Pokemon Go: Healthful or deadly?

One Colorado town's water may be tainted with marijuana chemical. Officials have issued a warning to residents not to drink or shower in tap water because one of the town's wells is contaminated with THC. The well showed signs of tampering, but officials have yet to determine the exact cause of the weed water. 

Paramedics face charges for taking selfies with unconscious patients. The two Florida paramedics engaged each other in a 'selfie-war', in which they competed in their efforts to photograph themselves with patients. 

New stick-on glucometer connects wirelessly to smartphone for continuous glucose monitoring. The device has received approval in Europe, and is awaiting FDA clearance in the United States. 

A chair for getting fit and trim. Researchers are developing an active chair that reacts to the person's physical condition and time of day. The smart seat also leads fitness and relaxation exercises. Sign me up. 

Have a relaxing weekend!