Weekend Wrap Up 6.3.16

Have I ever told you all how much I love summertime? It's my jam. From afternoons lounging by the pool to weekend lake trips, or even simply dining al fresco under some twinkle lights, I can't get enough of the outdoors this time of year. The hotter, the better if you ask me. This weekend I'm tagging along on my husband's business trip, joining him in the Golden State. With temperatures in the 90's, I think I'll be doing more pool-dipping than wine tasting this Napa Valley weekend. What are you up to?

If you could use some poolside reading, check out this week's more interesting health happenings. 

Video of girl receiving doll with matching prosthetic goes viral. Warning: watch with tissues. 

Who knew? Wire brush bristles are a barbeque health hazard. Wire brushes used for cleaning grills may loose a few bristles in the process and make their way into food. If swallowed, the bristles can cause severe injury. Experts estimate this unfortunate event results in 1,600 emergency department visits every year. 

Beyond Namaste. Given the health effects of long term sitting, there are definite benefits to teaching yoga in schools. Will religious concerns prevent kids from an education in this exercise?

Bright lights, big hassles for children in the hospital. Fluorescent lights, background noise, and routine vital signs make getting enough shut-eye difficult for hospitalized kiddos. Children's hospitals are adopting strategies to minimize these interruptions. The good and bad news for nurses? Day shifters can expect heavier workloads while night shift may be getting a bit easier. 

Would you choose heaven over hospital?

Your food could soon be a lot less salty. The Obama Administration has proposed new guidelines to lower the amount of sodium in foods. American's won't immediately notice a change in the way their pizza tastes, however. The idea is to encourage gradual change so consumer's taste buds can adapt. 

Educate your immune system. Our bodies are confused by this 21st century world, say experts. Fortunately, there may be an opportunity to train our organs to cope. 

Dialysis patients try out a new wearable artificial kidney. Hope is on the horizon for renal patients receiving the demanding treatment. 

How to survive being stranded at sea until help arrives. Just in case...

Have a fun-filled summer weekend!