Weekend Wrap Up 5.27.16

Happy Memorial Day Weekend! I hope you have plans to take it easy over the holiday. I'm looking forward to a Monday spent by the pool rather than at my desk, and an evening back deck grill session rather than the typical Monday takeout routine. What do you have planned for Memorial Day? If you find yourself with some spare time, check out this week's more interesting medical news. 

This new stethoscope for knees detects injury. Moving joints emit constant noise not typically picked up by the human ear. Abnormal joint sounds can indicate that something is not quite right. 

Inside the cryotherapy craze. Why celebrities and athletes take the deep freeze. 

Could swimming pools and hot tubs increase the risk of gene mutations? Cleanliness is naturally a concern while swimming, and the smell of chlorine in the air isn't necessarily an indicator of a body of water's safety. Substances used to disinfect pools and hot tubs react with organic matter like sweat and urine to create potentially DNA-altering byproducts. 

Why ice cream and peanut butter may promote gut inflammation. 

No dessert for you! When it comes to diabetes, nagging is caring. For men, an unhappy marriage might actually slow the development of diabetes and promote successful treatment once they do get the disease, finds a new study. 

New study has bad news for workaholics. Workaholism might be a sign of a deeper psychiatric problem like anxiety, depression, OCD, or ADHD. Taking work to the extreme can signal deeper emotional issues say researchers. 

How to get better posture in 3 weeks. 

A new HIV vaccine will be tested in South Africa. The virus infects 35 million, and kills 1.2 million people worldwide each year. While antiviral drugs have come a long way, developing a vaccine is the best way to fight the virus. 

Naturopaths have weaseled their way into the healthcare system, and now they want more. 

In California, it's still hard to get birth control without a prescription. It's been 18 months since the state's governor signed a law that allows pharmacists to distribute most hormonal birth control methods without a prescription. Pharmacies themselves, however, aren't lining up to act on the legislation. 

Myth, busted. Does plucking gray hairs make more grow back?

Have a relaxing long weekend!