Weekend Wrap Up 5.23.15

Happy Memorial Day weekend! I hope you are enjoying some time off work and have some all-American activities in store. This weekend I will be attending the Indy 500 at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and am excited about the one in a lifetime experience. Race day followed by burgers on the grill...you can't get much more all-American than that! Well, maybe if you add apple pie for dessert. Now, there's a thought. If you find yourself with some free time, check out this week's medical news link pack.

Shockingly, Olympic athletes aren't immune to cardiovascular risk. A new study of 2,000 super-athletes found that the group has an unexpectedly high incidence of cardiovascular abnormalities. 

Are a few cups of coffee as good as Viagra? A new study says "yes". Higher caffeine consumption is linked with reduced risk for erectile dysfunction. 

This is why First Lady Michelle Obama has a better gym game than you (the workout behind those arms-revealed!). 

Four teen stroke survivors who share a special bond are graduating from high school this weekend. The group lives in the Kansas City area and supported one another through a battery of health struggles. 

12 things every 'Type B' person wishes you understood.

You may want to pay attention to your child's nightmares. Research shows that children who had nightmares at age 12 have about twice the odds of having psychotic experiences later in life. 

Healthcare on wheels-mobile clinics are making a comeback. 

A valid approach-this patient in Canada sent her doctor's office a bill for $112.50 for time wasted waiting for her appointment. 

Have a fabulous long weekend!