Weekend Wrap Up 5.16.15

Ahhhh....I'm currently sitting on the beach in Aruba lounging on a lawn chair, waiting for it to be technically 'afternoon' so I can order a mojito without feeling like a lush (11 more minutes but who's counting?). My husband and I are taking a brief getaway this weekend for some R&R. Tonight we plan on discussing these 36 questions over dinner on the sand. If you've got some downtime this weekend, check out this week's more interesting medical news. 

A new drug test detects cocaine use with a single fingerprint. For the first time, the innovative test can determine if the substance has been ingested rather than touched. 

7 workouts to try when you're feeling too lazy to move

What is the strangest killer in your state? This map shows the 'most distinctive' causes of death across the U.S. Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Kentucky appear to have high rates of 'black lung disease'. From New York or Connecticut? You're more likely to die from 'inflammatory diseases of the pelvic organs'. 

The new 'Wear Your Label' clothing brand wants to get people talking about mental health. The Canadian-based company is fighting to end mental health stigmas in style. 

McDonalds is testing out kale on its menu. To reach its stated goal of 'becoming a modern, progressive burger company', the fast food chain is now serving up a breakfast bowl containing egg whites, turkey sausage, kale and spinach at select locations in Southern California. 

This 85-year-old women in China has an impressive workout routine

Finally, some news you can use to help support your clinical decision making to parents in your practice. A new study shows that giving antibiotics to infants is strongly related to illness in adulthood

How's your handshake? A new study shows that heart attack and death risk may be predicted by grip strength.

Starbucks releases a new 'mini' Frappuccino. How many calories will cutting back the size of your favorite frozen beverage save you?

Have a wonderful weekend!