Weekend Wrap Up 4.4.15

Happy Easter weekend! What plans do you have for the holiday-besides Peep eating, that is? Easter is one of my favorite times of year and to celebrate I've got some plans for a seriously big family brunch in the works. I'm also contemplating using the holiday as a (perfectly good) excuse to purchase a colorful pair of pumps to pair with my Easter dress. If you find yourself with some free time between egg hunting, chocolate eating, and church going, check out this week's medical news on the lighter side. 

This Sunday, Americans will consume more than 600 million Peeps. Here are a few Peep fun facts

Crossing your fingers isn't just for luck. New research shows the trick reduces feelings of pain. Scientists say that the sensation of pain is affected by where sources of the feeling occur in relation to each other. So, applying additional stimuli can manipulate pain levels. 

A mideval hospital burial ground has been discovered...under Cambridge University. The hospital was founded in 1195 for "poor scholars and other wretched persons". So far researchers have unearthed evidence of more than 1,000 graves. 

Landmarks around the world turned blue this week for Autism awareness Day

Johns Hopkins University is facing a $1 billion lawsuit for deliberately infecting hundreds of Guatemalans with STDs during a medical experiment program in the 1940s and 1950s. The experiments were kept a secret until discovered by an astute college professor in 2010. 

What's the 'sweat index' of those treats in your Easter basket? To work off one medium chocolate bunny you'll have to kayak about 3 hours. Perhaps a good excuse to line up some family outdoor activities for the weekend?

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Beauty in the beasties-some of the world's creepiest critters may beneft your health. Bees, for example, are helping researchers learn to combat antibiotic resistance and treat HIV. Scorpion venom may contain key compounds helping to counteract heart failure. 

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Fish oil may make chemotherapy less effective. While scientists say there is more research to be done in this area, the findings of this recent study are an important reminder that supplements have side effects both positive and negative. 

Shelled out-5 egg-citing facts

Researchers at The University of New South Wales in Australia are creating a "Google Maps" of the human body. This short video helps explain the project. 

Singer-songwriter Joni Mitchell suffers from Morgellons Disease. Jury's still out on if the disorder is 'real' or a psychosomatic syndrome. 

Have a wonderful Easter weekend!