Weekend Wrap Up 4.29.16

Yay for Friday! I can't tell you how excited I am about this weekend. The sun is out, the temperature is perfect, my lawn is freshly mowed, and this outdoor-loving girl is happy. It's County Music Marathon weekend here in Nashville, TN. This year rather than running the race myself, I will be standing street side cheering on friends, mimosa in hand. It doesn't get better than (almost) summer weather and hometown weekend events. Looking for something to get you through to the weekend? Check out this week's medical news on the lighter side. 

Morning flu shot may be more effective than afternoon. A recent study suggests that the time of day the vaccine is given might alter its efficacy. Individuals receiving the vaccine in the morning created a significantly larger increase in antibody concentrations one month after injection compared to those who received the vaccine in the afternoon. 

Near-death experiences: fact or fantasy?

That surgery might cost you a lot less in another town. The cost of a knee replacement, for example, is $38,000 less in Tucson, AZ than in Sacramento, CA. Bottom line? The economics of healthcare are wack.

12-year-old girl accidentally runs half marathon. Thinking she was on the 5K course, LeeAdianez Espada just kept running until she reached the 13-mile finish line. 

Check out these headphones with integrated EEG to help you relax. The product works with a matching app that evaluates brain signals gathered and generates different kinds of noise and music to match your state. Consider this item officially on my Christmas list. 

Studies document risks of assault for health care workers. Statistically, healthcare is the most violent non-law enforcement industry in the United States. 

Sorry ivy leaguers. A mumps outbreak at Harvard may threaten graduation. The outbreak that began in March has risen to 41 cases. Health officials say the viral treat may affect graduation plans. Cases have also been noted at Boston University, Tufts University, and the University of Massachusetts. 

Hand dryer vs. paper towel - which is cleaner? It's a long, complicated, but interesting question. 

A Polish baby born to a mother on life support is doing fine. In the rare case, doctors put a pregnant woman on life support for 55 days to allow her 17-week fetus to grow. This is the youngest pregnancy that has been saved in a brain-dead mother. Sadly, the woman suffered from a brain tumor which eventually caused terminal neurologic damage.  

Doc Vader vs. the hospital administrator. Our thoughts exactly. 

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