Weekend Wrap Up 4.24.15

This weekend I'm entering full-on spring cleaning mode. I'll be pulling clothes out of my closet by the handful to donate to Goodwill, scrubbing baseboards and walls and wiping elusive dust bunnies from nooks and crannies. This may not seem like the most exciting way to spend the weekend but the feeling that I get when my house is spic 'n span is unbeatable. What are you up to this weekend?

If you find yourself with some free time check out this week's more interesting medical news. 

This teen doesn't let wearing an ostomy bag get her down. After undergoing emergency surgery for ulcerative colitis, 19-year-old Hattie Gladwell blogs about her life with an ileostomy. The blog is complete with bikini shots and intimacy advice. 

Will these nanoparticles that prevent tooth decay put dentists out of business?

Researchers argue that exercise won't fix the obesity epidemic. Carbs and sugar are the real culprits according to the latest studies. Scientists say most people's workouts aren't intense enough to make up for unhealthy eating habits. 

Why nursing homes need to have sex policies

A moment of silence. Georgia Southern University is mourning the loss of five nursing students after the group was killed in a multi-vehicle wreck while commuting to finish their first set of clinical rotations. Our thoughts and prayers go out to their families. 

A girl's best friend. A 3-year-old Tennessee girl born without feet got a sympathetic companion this week-a puppy born without a paw. Her pooch is appropriately named "Forrest Gump" after the character who lost his legs in the Vietnam War. 

This new app tracks guy's sperm. Sharing its focus with female fertility issues, creators of app Glow say the program tracks men's reproductive health as well as women's. 

21 cities that were made for running

Your sweat can spread happiness. New research shows that getting sweaty not only boosts your own mood but also that of those around you. The phenomenon is a result of chemical signaling.

Breakfast, anyone? Maple syrup may help beat antibiotic resistant bacteria. Concentrated versions of the breakfast treat have been shown to make bacteria more susceptible to antibiotics. This could slow the rate at which resistant strains of bacteria emerge. 

Have a wonderful spring weekend!