Weekend Wrap Up 4.17.15

Happy Friday! This work week has seemed to drag on just a little too long. Yesterday I kept thinking it was Friday only to realize I had to muster up the energy for one more day of calls, emails, and meetings. C'est la vie. This weekend I've got plans to do some much needed spring cleaning and yard work. I can't wait for that feeling I get when I walk through my front door to find the gleam of a freshly mopped floor. What do you have on the books for tomorrow?

If you find yourself with some free time, check out this week's more interesting health news.

A new beer in Japan is supposed to make you prettier. The collagen-containing brew is alleged to give skin a more youthful glow. 

This is why knuckles crack.

Scientists take to sewers in Massachusetts to better understand residents' biological waste. Monitoring sewage gives medical information such as the makeup of gut microorganisms as well as lifestyle trends like illicit drug use. 

Is your mobile phone ruining your looks? 'Tech neck', sagging jowls caused by staring at our phones, is becoming a cosmetic catastrophe for many younger women.

Tylenol might dull emotional pain, too. Researchers say that acetaminophen takes the edge off emotions as well as pain. Studies show the med "takes the highs off your daily highs and the lows off your daily lows". 

Women are showing off their stretch marks with the hashtag #LoveYourLines. 

Could your fitness tracker predict response to antidepressants? New research says "yes". Monitoring the rest-activity pattern of patients helps predict the efficacy of different SSRI's. This technique could eliminate the long trial and error process often associated with selecting an antidepressant. 

5 crazy facts about Flakka, the new synthetic drug that gives users superhuman strength. 

A new one dollar blood test outperforms the PSA in detecting prostate cancer. The test uses gold nanoparticles delivering results in minutes. 

In other prostate news, cancer detecting dogs can sniff out prostate cancer with 98% accuracy. The trained German shepherds not only detect cancer but diabetes as other conditions as well. 

Have a happy weekend!