Weekend Wrap Up 4.1.16

Happy Friday! I'm headed out west this weekend to enjoy a few days of spring skiing in Colorado before the powder turns completely to slush. I'm most excited about internet-free, no cell service evenings spent reading a book by the fire...or sleeping. What's on your agenda? To kick off the weekend, check out this week's more interesting medical news. 

Controversy still swirls after this anti-vaccine documentary is pulled from the Tribecca Film Festival. The film features Andrew Wakefield, the researcher behind claims that the MMR vaccine is linked to autism. 

In one Italian village, nearly 300 residents are over 100 years old

To pee, or not to pee. Can holding your urine really lead to blood clots? For one New York Mets pitcher it did. The baseball star revealed that he held his urine too long during a game which led to a urinary tract infection and ultimately a blood clot in his bladder. 

Good news for anaphylaxis sufferers! This new, portable epinephrine injection device is the size of a credit card

Study shows that Twitter can be twice as effective as traditional methods at helping people quit smoking. Results showed that 40% of people who used a program called Tweet2Quit, reported sustained cessation over 60 days, compared to 20% of people who used traditional methods. 

4 surprising ways your environment affects how much food you eat. Hint: avoid loud music during dinner. 

The baby deadline test - beat your biological clock. A new blood test can help assess a woman's ovarian reserve. And, the test costs less than 100 bucks. 

It's a diagnosis nurse practitioners often make, but data shows the incidence of children's ear infections is decreasing. Researchers suspect that vaccines and increased rates of breastfeeding have played a role in otitis prevention. 

Nightly fasting may help reduce breast cancer risk. In a recent study, women who fasted for less than 13 hours a night had a 36% higher risk for breast cancer recurrence, compared with those who fasted for 13 hours or more. 

Check out this hilarious Zika virus parody

Have a restful weekend!