Weekend Wrap Up 4.10.16

Happy Sunday! What are you up to on this beautiful spring morning? Cheering on Nashville's hockey team on Thursday evening, a trendy restaurant date on Friday night, and sipping wine with girlfriends on Saturday, have left me behind at work and home. So, today, I'll be in a deep cleaning, e-mail answering frenzy of activity. I hope your morning has a more relaxed look, although it does feel good to get caught up. If you find the time for some light reading, check out this week's more interesting medical news. 

Woman expecting one baby gives birth to five! The 25-year-old Indian woman experienced quite a shock when she delivered a set of premature quintuplets. She was unaware of the multiple pregnancy because she was unable to afford an ultrasound. 

Meet the nuns who grow medical marijuana. 

This suit mimics life at 85. At the Liberty Science Center in New Jersey, visitors can be instantly transformed into an elderly individual with ailments like cataracts, glaucoma, tinnitus, and weight gain. 

New food labels show how much you need to exercise to burn off calories. Since listing calorie counts on food labels hasn't stopped us from getting fatter, British researchers propose exercise labels on food packages. Could this be the answer to America's obesity problem, too?

Is Bernie Sanders lost in orbit with his HIV/AIDS proposal? Here's my husband's take on the issue ;)

The FDA has approved the world's smallest pacemaker. Unlike current models, the device doesn't use leads but is implanted directly in the heart. The device is about the size of a large pill and is part of manufacturer Medtronic's efforts to shrink medical device sizes by up to 90 percent. 

The global alarm on diabetes is sounding - and it's not a result of fast food. As regions of the world climb out of poverty, people simply eat more of whatever they'd traditionally been eating. 

The health hazards of space travel. As space tourism becomes a reality, NASA shares how the environment affects the human body. Just a few of the effects can be: a loss of up to 20% of muscle mass in 5-11 days, the addition of two inches to a persons height related to separation of vertebrae, and the loss of 1.5% of bone mass per month. To counter these effects, space goers must exercise 2.5 hours each day, 6 days a week. 

Meet the first person with Down Syndrome to be the face of a beauty brand. 

A short gap between pregnancies may increase autism risk. Children born to women with less than 12 months between pregnancies were nearly twice as likely to develop autism as children born to women with three years or longer between pregnancies. 

See 18 gorgeous public health posters from the 1930's

Have a relaxing weekend!