Weekend Wrap Up 3.7.15

Is anyone else sick of the snow?! We've gotten another rare sighting of ice and the white stuff here in Nashville, and in my humble opinion it's unwelcome. I'm dreaming of sunny days spent by the pool rather than cooped up indoors with my ski socks on. Soon enough, I suppose. Last night at work, my patient load consisted mainly of 80-year-olds with ice-related injuries from slips and falls. If you too are bundled up inside, check out this week's more interesting medical news stories (and watch your step out there). 

New York City's rats could transmist the plague. The rats host a particular type of flea capable of transmitting the bubonic plague. Now that makes you want to move to the city. 

Men's healthy lifestyles could help infertile obese female partners conveive. According to a recent study, when guys watch their own dietary habits, the couple's ability to conceive improves. 

Did you watch Killing Cancer, HBO's special report? From medical breakthroughs to personal stories, the Emmy-wining series explores the deadly disease. 

11 awesome brands for plus-size workout clothes

Mount Everest is suffering from a poop problem. The waste from 700 climbers and guides every year who attempt to scale the mountain is becoming a health hazard. Nepal's government already requires each climber to bring back 18 pounds of trash from the mountain with each descent. Perhaps human waste is next. 

Contraception or abortion? Colorado debates the state of IUDs. More than 30,000 women in Colorado have received the device free, courtesy of the Colorado Family Planning Initiative. Conservative lawmakers aren't so sure the program is a good idea. 

The Supreme Court could be unraveling parts of the Affordable Care Act. Check out this Huffington Post article authored by my husband :)

More butt lifts and fewer breast implants in 2014, says a U.S. plastic surgery report. Overall, surgeons say plastic surgery seekers are opting for more subtle enhancements over big boobs. 

The firefighter workout. Four out of five firefighters nationwide are overweight or obese and roughly half of firefighters who die in the line of duty each year are killed by heat attacks. A group of health-conscious firefighters is trying to change that. 

3 to 5 cups of coffee a day may lower the risk of heart attacks. Looks like my coronaries should be in good shape!

Have a wonderful weekend!