Weekend Wrap Up 3.27.15

I'm hitting the slopes this weekend for a late season ski vacay. While I plan on swoosh swooshing my way down plenty of blues and blacks Saturday and Sunday, I have already declared to the fam that my Friday is reserved for reading and yoga. I will be planted firmly on the couch with my book, cup of cocoa in hand. During your weekend down time, check out this week's link pack featuring more interesting medical news. 

How important is the name of a disease? There are a number of factors that influence how a medical condition is treated including the opinions of patients, caregivers, and policy makers. Recent research also suggests the name of an illness itself has an impact. 

Is a male nurse worth $5,148 more than a female nurse? On average, male nurses earn about $11,000/year more than their female counterparts. Only half of this pay gap can be explained by things like education and experience. 

This is why we like food that makes noise

Actress Angelina Jolie undergoes another cancer-preventing surgery. As a BRCA1 carrier, the superstar opted to remove her ovaries and fallopian tubes in an effort to reduce her genetically heightened risk for cancer. 

There's arsenic in cheap wine-and pretty much everything else you eat. 

Nurses have higher rates of work-related extremity and back injuries than nearly every other profession. NPR's injured nurses series takes a look at the epidemic exploring what works and what doesn't in confronting the trend. 

You know that goose-bumpy mix of fear and wonder? The emotion appears to be particularly good for you. Researchers say feelings of awe are associated with lower levels of inflammation in the body. 

The key to some team's March Madness success? Sleep. Between back to back games and navigating time zone changes, trainers say getting plenty of zzz's is crucial for maintaining hand-eye coordination, strength, and aerobic performance.

Attention night shifters! The new Alert Band helps keep drivers focused. Using EEG technology, the device recognizes when you begin to zone out issuing audio warnings. Unfortunately, the gadget is already out of stock. 

Should you drink this new milk made by Coca-Cola?

Have a wonderful weekend!