Weekend Wrap Up 3.25.16

Happy Friday! I have plans to celebrate Easter with family on Sunday, however, this weekend I'm most excited to seriously sleep in on Saturday. Working three night shifts in the emergency department has gotten the better of me this week, and I'm ready to correct the snooze deficit. What are your Easter weekend plans? If you're looking for a distraction to get you through to the weekend on this Good Friday, check out these health news stories. 

Will you be letting your child eat 250 teaspoons of sugar this weekend? Parents in the UK might. Stats show that the number of chocolate eggs, on average, given to children for the Easter holiday in the country amounts to about 250 teaspoons of sugar per child. 

5 mysterious diseases you should know about

People with 'rage disorder' are twice as likely to have toxoplasmosis. The disorder that causes individuals to fly off the handle has been linked with the parasitic disease commonly associated with cat feces. "This is not a sign that people should get rid of their cats", researchers say. 

Hackers seek ransom from two more California hospitals. Last month, another area facility paid cyber attackers $17,000 in bitcoin to regain access to the institution's computers. The incident is indicative of the tech challenges hospitals increasingly face. 

The scientific reason you aren't enjoying your free time

The secrets to a happy life, from a Harvard study. Most young adults believe that obtaining wealth and fame are the keys to happiness. A long-running study, however, shows that the strength of relationships with friends, family, and spouses is a better barometer of whether you will age well and live a happy life. 

Most people would donate a kidney, especially for money. Paying for organs in the U.S., however, is illegal. Rather, individuals in need of a transplant must rely on altruism. 

This new patch releases cancer immunotherapy directly into melanoma tumors. The patch is layered with microneedles which release antibodies into the blood surrounding the tumor allowing for controlled drug delivery. 

19 ideas for a healthier Easter basket

That cabernet might not be good for your health after all. Evidence that alcohol has benefits for heart health and longevity is thin. Here's why

Happy Easter weekend!