Weekend Wrap Up 3.20.15

Good morning! My two week stint in India is coming to a close (more on this to come). Sitting here at my desk in Jaipur, it is actually 11 and a half hours later than in the U.S. So, for me, the weekend is nearly here. While I have had plenty of fun sightseeing this week, I have also been hard at work with the MidlevelU tech team (or rather they have been hard at work) getting together some exciting new updates to the MidlevelU website. Reveal coming soon. If you've been busy as well, take a minute to catch up on this week's more interesting medical news. 

Are people who bite their nails perfectionists? Based on the results of a new study, researchers say "yes". This seems a bit ironic as you would expect perfectionists to sport the perfect manicure. 

Can you pass this eigth grade science test from 1912?

After treating a homeless man's injured feet at the VA, nurse Chuck Maulden couldn't bear to let the man leave wearing his destroyed sneakers. So, he gave him the shoes off his own feet. Maulden finished his shift wearing medical booties. Way to go the extra mile. 

This new virtual reality program shows you what it's like to be schizophrenic

Here's what happened when South Los Angeles baned new fast food restaurants. People got fatter. That's right, obesity rates grew faster in areas with fast-food restrictions. Part of the reason could be that unhealthier eaters simply turned towards places like convenience stores for snack foods. 

Check out this Infographic on the shelf life of food. Apparently, diet soda can be left in the panty for just 3 to 5 months while regular beverages have a shelf life of 6 to 9 months. Regardless, I need to clean out my fridge. 

Diet soda may not be so waistline friendly after all. A recent study shows that diet soda consumption is linked to increased belly fat in older adults. These findings raise concern about the effects of chronic diet soda consumption.

A Tennessee boy born with a birth defect so rare (doctors believe there are only 50 cases worldwide) is learning to navigate the world without eyes

A new blood test could put a stop to the overprescribing of antibiotics. The test is quickly able to distinguish between viral and bacterial infections and is in the early stages of development.

Watch your back, Kale. Kelp is gunning for the veggie du jour title. Seaweeds growing on the coast along Maine and New Hampshire pack a nutritional punch and taste milder than their Asian counterparts. Smoothie, anyone?

Handshaking may be a chemical as well as social greeting. New research suggests that humans use smell when meeting each other. Handshaking may be a way to take stock of one another's pheromones according to scientists. 

Have a wonderful weekend!