Weekend Wrap Up 3.1.15

Brunch anyone? I can taste buttery, syrupy french toast already. Mmmm. My weekend so far has consisted of attending a Michael Jackson cover band concert, a talent show, a baby shower, and watching far too many hours of House of Cards Season 3. Quite a mix of activities if you ask me. So, this morning I'm excited for a more traditional Sunday morning. And, watching more House of Cards. What are you up to today?

If you could use a little reading material with your morning coffee, check out this week's more interesting medical news. 

Former smokers are freaking out. GlaxoSmithKline, maker of Nicorette, quietly stopped making nicotine lozenges last year due to quality control issues. Many lozenge addicts are hoarding what's left of the supply while others are selling their stockpiles online at inflated prices. 

5 penetrating facts about sword swallowing (yesterday was World Sword Swallowing Day). Here's the science behind the risky hobby. 

The world's first human head transplant-could it be 2 years away? One Italian doctor thinks so. His proposal for the complex procedure would take 36 hours to complete and require the skills of 100 surgeons. 

The best drunk foods ever, according to science. 

Why do we have eyelashes? Aside from seduction, researchers have a new theory as to why lashes exist. Scientists say the hairs do not protect the eye directly but rather change the flow of air around the eye keeping out dust and other irritants while locking moisture in. 

From naked mole rats to dog testicles- a writer explores the longevity quest. Journalist Bill Gifford's new book Spring Chicken explores aging and our wacky beliefs and science behind the inevitable process.

Why one woman with lung cancer photographed herself every day for a year. 

Could wearing contacts make you look younger? New Acuvue Define lenses contain pigment around the iris. This ring naturally fades as you age, so defining the area makes wearers appear younger claim makers of the new contacts. 

At last, here's the science behind why no one agrees on the color of this dress

On a final note, thank you to all who have been so excited about the new MidleveU Career Advisor eBook! We've been working hard to pull this resource together and have loved hearing your feedback! If you don't have your copy, you can get it here. Due to high demand, please allow us up to 12 hours to send your copy once you sign up (apologies!). 

Have a happy Sunday!