Weekend Wrap Up 3.11.16

The weekend is here! I have spent this week working in Jaipur, India collaborating with the MidlevelU tech team. We've got an exciting new project to reveal in the coming months...we think you'll love it, so stay tuned. Most of the American news I've been able to gather during my time away has been election-related, but a few medical stories did catch my eye. Ring in your weekend by checking out this week's more interesting health news. 

Being short as a man or overweight as a woman is linked to reduced life chances. Findings in a new study conclude that such body habitus characteristics are associated with lower levels of education, occupation, and income. 

Here's how the presidential candidates eat, sleep, and workout

Did Nancy Regan's war on drugs backfire? The former First Lady coined the phrase 'Just say no' in 1982. Today, with the movement to legalize marijuana, American's aren't so sure they agree with this message. 

Check out this completely redesigned stethoscope. Reduced pressure on the ears and a more ergonomic chest piece are among the device's new and improved features. 

Science explains why you can't stop eating potato chips

New procedure allows kidney transplants from any donor. Doctors have successfully found a way to alter patient's immune systems to allow them to accept kidneys from incompatible donors. Significantly more of those patients were still alive after eight years than patients who had remained on waiting lists or received a kidney transplanted from a deceased donor.

Health apps often lack privacy policies and share our data. Sorry, HIPAA. 

Grey hair could one day be prevented with a new gene discovery. Researchers have discovered the first gene responsible for gray hair in humans, opening the door to strategies that may be able to prevent or reverse hair graying. 

Citing gender bias, state lawmakers move to eliminate 'Tampon Tax'. While drugs and many medical necessities are mostly exempt from sales tax, female hygiene products are not in the majority of states. 

The cure for your junk food cravings? Sleep.

Have a relaxing weekend!