Weekend Wrap Up 2.5.16

Happy Friday! What do you have in store for the next few days? This weekend my husband and I are hanging out with family in Florida. Not a bad place for a February visit... The temperatures may be unseasonably chilly, but I still plan to be posted up poolside on Saturday. And, of course, I plan to catch the Super Bowl on Sunday - mainly for the junk food and commercials. Before the big game, check out this week's more interesting medical news stories. 

McDonald's new kale salad has more calories than a BigMac. The 'Keep Calm, Caesar On' packs 730 calories compared to the 540 in a BigMac. This begs the question - does kale doused in dressing still count as a superfood?

Pressure sensing socks pair with smartphones to prevent diabetic neuropathy. 

IVF may raise children's risk for blood cancer. A recent study showed a 67 percent increased risk of leukemia and a more than tripled risk of Hodgkin's lymphoma compared to children conceived naturally. The overall risk of blood cancer, however, remains low. 

Hate the sound of your voice? Not really. Research shows that people unknowingly find their pre-recorded voice more attractive than others do.

Aspirin may protect against sepsis. Daily low-dose aspirin was associated with a 42 percent decreased risk of death from S. aureus infection in a recent study. The relationship did not hold true for infections caused by  E. coli. 

Brazilian women fight for abortion rights amidst Brazil's Zika crisis

A baby's first bites are a chance to shape a child's taste. Food writer Bee Wilson explores how children's taste develops, an interesting message for parents aiming for healthy kids. 

A couple meeting on Tinder found more than love. The match turned out to be life-saving. Alana Duran, in need of a new kidney, also found a matching kidney donor in her new partner. 

If you tell a child not to do something, what will happen? They will do it. New research suggests that in a similar way, messages telling dieters that sugary snacks are bad makes those snacks more compelling. 

Have a fantastic Super Bowl weekend!