Weekend Wrap Up 2.21.16

Happy Sunday! This weekend has passed by much too quickly. A Saturday afternoon spent doing chores has me indoors this afternoon planted squarely on my cough watching '90's movies with my husband (and also thinking 'no wonder my mom wouldn't let me watch this show in middle school...'). If you also find yourself with some downtime this afternoon, check out the week's more interesting medical news stories. 

Do healthcare providers who go on long vacations lose their skills?

Stand back Heimlich maneuver! The new Dechoker sucks out food stuck in the airway. Simply place the facemask over the mouth of the choking person, pull the tab, and the vacuum that's created moves the lodged item toward the device. 

Which type of exercise is best for the brain? According to a recent study on mice (involving tiny mouse weights), jogging led to robust levels of neurogenesis yielding far more new brain tissue than weight lifting or high intensity interval training. 

18-year-old charged with posing as a doctor. 

More Americans than ever before are overdosing on anxiety medications. Benzo overdoses have increased four-fold since 1996, much faster than the rate for other prescription drugs. The cause of the uptick is unclear. 

Pope Francis justifies contraception in regions affected by the Zika virus. 

Bacteria-fighting beards. Facial hair may help tackle antibiotic resistance. While beards aren't the picture of cleanliness, they contain a wealth of bacteria, recent research shows that some bacteria clinging on to facial hair actually produce antibiotics themselves. Toxins produced by such bacteria can kill drug-resistant species. 

The 10 best songs to help you fall asleep faster.

A Tennessee hospital performed a minor surgery on the wrong infant. The case of mistaken identity occurred at University Medical Center in Lebanon, TN. The mother is considering legal action. 

Want to form a new habit? Don't over-think it. New findings suggest that deliberately planning a task makes it less likely the activity will become automatic. 

Have a restful weekend!