Weekend Wrap Up 2.21.15

Baby it's cold outside! We've had unseasonably chilly weather here in Nashville this week. Since I braved what Southerners are referring to as 'snowmageddon' on the post-night shift drive home, I have been using the snow and ice as an excuse to slow down a little spending my evenings at home with a big bowl of soup. How have you been staying warm? If you could use some medical reading on the lighter side this morning, check out this week's health happenings. 

Healthcare workers are dedicated! A little snow and ice doesn't deter us from showing up at work. Check out this icy sight one nurse caught on camera on her way out the hospital doors. 

Will you be watching the Oscars tomorrow evening? Before you do, see the ratings medical experts gave this year's top films when it comes to their medical accuracy. It looks like overall Hollywood got things right. 

The definitive guide to healthy eating (and the foods that will kill you dead). One of my favorite lifestyle bloggers Sarah Yates posted this hilarious tidbit about her ventures in healthy eating. She speaks the truth. 

Dutchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton is going grey. Just 33 years old, the royal was spotted with a clump of unsightly silver roots underneath her ponytail. The social slip up has sparked a discussion about the science behind hair's changes. Experts say genetics are at fault for Kate's greys. 

Is anyone else looking forward to the Season 3 House of Cards release next weekend? Quell your anticipation (temporarily) with this medical parody of the show from physician comedian ZDoggMD. 

23 things people always get completely wrong about nurses (because a nursing job is not a consolation prize for dropping out of medical school).

Some states want to legalize raw milk sales. Consumption of unpasteurized milk is on the rise with some consumers even participating in CSA-style "cow shares". But, in many states the risk for diseases like salmonella and E. coli has lawmakers set against the trend. Will dairy purisits win this bovine battle?

The first nurse practitioner program turned 50 this week

Prosthetic masks made in Hollywood are being used to help train mental health nurses.  Scottish nursing students are being taught to deal with mental health scenarios created by the masked actors. 

Oh baby! Britain has become the first country to allow the creation of babies with three genetic parents. Insertion of mitochondrial DNA from a third party into a growing embryo will help prevent birth defects. 

New research shows that sex lives heat up after 50 years of marraige. The study also reports that couples who maintain their relationship over time have more sex than those who remarry. 

Your dog is onto you. Not so groundbreaking research shows that dogs can tell the difference between happy and angry human faces. We dog owners could have clued you in without an expensive study. 

Have a warm weekend!