Weekend Wrap Up 2.12.16

Happy Valentine's Day weekend! My husband and I are hitting the road (okay, we're flying...) with friends this weekend and heading to Charleston, SC for a quick getaway. I expect that the trip will be filled with food, laughs, and, of course, chocolates. Salted caramel truffles, anyone? Kick off your romantic weekend by checking out this week's compelling medical news. 

Cotton candy machine makes artificial capillary networks. Vanderbilt University researchers are using cotton candy machines to spin capillary networks that may one day help grow artificial organs. Rather than sugary syrup, the team adds hydrogel to the machine to create the tiny fibers. 

It's not just Zika...Hawaii declares a dengue fever state of emergency

Tylenol during pregnancy tied to asthma in children. Norwegian researchers found that prenatal Tylenol exposure was associated with a 13 percent increased risk of asthma at age 3. The more Tylenol the mother had taken in pregnancy, the higher the risk. 

How to operate on a patient who might explode

Yet another reason to exercise! A new study published in Neurology found that the bigger the workout, the bigger the brain. Study participants who were not as physically active in midlife had smaller brains than their peers 20 years later. 

Examples, from a typical day, of why primary care providers are stressed

Modern parenting may hinder brain development, research suggests. Practices like isolating infants in their own rooms, formula feeding, and the belief that responding to a fussy baby 'spoils it', may hinder right brain development. The right brain is responsible for creativity, empathy, and self-regulation. 

Hypertension: have we missed something?

'Firing' patients may be an unintended consequence of value-based medicine. Value-based payments reward or punish practices based on their ability to improve patient outcomes. Patients labeled as 'non-compliant' may soon find themselves blacklisted. 

14 Valentine's Day gifts for the healthy date

Have a lovely weekend!