Weekend Wrap Up 2.1.14

Happy Super Bowl Sunday! Do you plan to watch the game? Admittedly, I'm not the biggest football fan but being born and raised Seattle I will rally today to cheer on the Seahawks. While I don't typically follow early season games, I do love an excuse to sit around snacking with friends and family during the playoffs. If you've got some time before kickoff, check out this week's more interesting, and football-related, medical news. 

Liberals live longer than conservatives and moderates according to a new study. Authors of the study say that political beliefs could be a marker for values associated with health-related behaviors. 

Skip the dip! Super Bowl cities see a spike in flu deaths among those over age 65. The reason? Playoff and championship games bring people together in close quarters at the height of flu season. 

Gwenyth Paltrow wants you to stream your uterus. Seriously. 

The Super Bowl's head referee, Bill Vinovich, has a health story to tell. The official suffered from an aortic dissection forcing him to undergo surgery. Initially told by the NFL her would never officiate again, Vinovich has made a comeback and will oversee today's championship game. 

The first replacement plastic meniscus has been implanted in the U.S. Creators of the new outpatient procedure hope it will overcome limitations of current knee repair methods. 

This is what measles actually looks like

The Pro Football Hall of Fame is planning a major reno. Included in the project along with the transformation of the museum into a complex of hotels and conference centers is an assisted living facility for aging football Hall of Famers. The care facility will be dubbed "Legends Landing".

3 health care resolutions for democrats in 2015 (bragging rights- this article was authored by my husband for the Huffington Post).

Carl Djerassi, a creator of the birth control pill, does at age 91. His other accomplishments include writing books, plays, authoring over 1,200 scientific articles, and obtaining a patent on the first antihistamine. 

The CDC weighs in with advice for throwing a healthy and safe Super Bowl celebration. Tips include doing push-ups with other guests, eating apple halves and carrot sticks, and drinking water. Not the makings of a memorable party if you ask me. 

Jillian Michaels offers some more practical tips for staving off the 1,500 calories Americans consume in snacks alone on Super Bowl Sunday. 


Happy Sunday!