Weekend Wrap Up 1.29.16

Happy (almost) weekend! It's Friday afternoon, the sun is out, and in exactly 4 hours I will be seated at a new local restaurant sampling apps and perhaps enjoying a cocktail (or two). I'm definitely getting some solid weekend vibes here at MidlevelU HQ. What are you up to this weekend? If you could use some reading material to make it through the rest of your Friday, check out this week's more interesting medical news. 

New portable monitor makes it possible for doctors to diagnose patients remotely. The device measures temperature, looks at the throat with a built in camera, auscultates like a stethoscope, and looks into the ears. The Tyto Care creation is currently undergoing the FDA approval process. 

Do-it-yourselfers may face penalties over their cut-rate health insurance. Some insurance plans like short-term options, may not meet minimum standards forcing purchasers to pay a penalty of up to 2.5 percent of household income. 

Town welcomes first baby since 1987

'Dewshine', a mixture of Mountain Dew and methanol-based racing fuel, lead to the deaths of two Tennessee teens this week. Methanol makes people feel inebriated but can be toxic even in small amounts. 

The World Health Organization sounds an 'extremely high' level of alarm over the Zika virus. The virus, spread by mosquitos, causes microcephaly in infants and has a possible association with Guillain-Barre in adults. 

Many doctors who face malpractice lawsuits are serial offenders

A different kind of pharmaceutical industry. The donkey gelatin industry is being threatened by diminishing supply. Donkey gelatin, a rubbery substance extracted from boiled donkey skin, is a popular home remedy in China.

Better than Botox? Research shows that having more children slows down the aging process. Women who give birth to more surviving children have longer telomeres, the tips of DNA strands associated with cellular aging. 

New sweat sensor alerts users to dehydration, fatigue, and more. The device can monitor glucose, lactate, sodium, and potassium levels as well as body temperature. 

Happy weekending!