Weekend Wrap Up 1.22.16

Happy Friday, friends! I was scheduled to be on a flight heading to NYC at this hour for some weekend fun and an early morning visit to the Fox News studio. Disappointingly, I won't be joining the Fox and Friends team. Blizzard warnings on the East Coast and a rare, heavy snowfall in the South have left me stranded at home. I suppose an unexpected lazy snow day isn't the worst thing that could happen. One batch of cookies and a few cups of coffee later, I am finally motivated enough to get to work. 

So, without further ado, here are this week's more interesting happenings in the world of medicine. 

Could anxiety increase the risk of dementia? Unfortunately, yes. Research shows that chronic stress and anxiety are associated with structural degeneration and impaired functioning of certain parts of the brain. Sorry, nursing students. 

Leishmaniasis. Nurse practitioners need to know about this disease their patients could contract while traveling. 

What will be the cause of your death? A new interactive test could hold the answer. Nathan Yau, a statistician from the University of California Los Angeles has developed an interactive chart that can calculate how likely a person is to die based on age, gender and ethnicity. 

What's Hillary Clinton's recipe for health? A jalapeño a day! Clinton learned that hot peppers are beneficial for boosting the immune system and picked up the jalapeño habit during her husband's campaign for office. 

Dating app Tinder adds STD testing center locations to its app. 

Surgeons may now repair inguinal hernias with...mosquito nets. In low resource areas where surgical mesh is scarce, mosquito nets are being tested as a low cost alternative. Don't forget to sterilize!

High-rise living linked to lower survival after cardiac arrest. The higher the floor you live on, the lower your chance of surviving cardiac arrest according to new research. In the study, when cardiac arrest occurred below the third floor, 4.2 percent of patients survived discharge from the hospital compared with none above the 25th floor. 

If you could use some snow day humor, check out this medical Napoleon Dynamite parody. Gosh! 

Sqeamish be warned! A Chinese newspaper recently reported that a 20-foot tapeworm was found living inside a Chinese man's intestines. He initially sought medical help for sudden, unexplained weight loss. 

On that note, have a cozy winter weekend!