Weekend Wrap Up 1.16.16

Happy weekend! What are you up to? In anticipation of our upcoming fifth anniversary, my husband and I have headed to San Fran for a quick city getaway. In store for us this weekend are a few sight seeing ventures, a lot of sleep, cocktails (of course!), and some good eats. Long, stuffy flight aside, I’m looking forward to our mini adventure. If you could use some reading material for your weekend downtime, check out this week’s more interesting medical news. 

At last - male birth control! Created by a German carpenter, this implantable valve adjusts the flow of semen with a simple switch theoretically providing fully reversible birth control for men. The device even features a ‘safety’ button so flow isn’t accidentally restored. 

How a little boy’s cancer diagnosis inspired a haunting video game. 

Coffee flour offers a potentially healthier way of enjoying java. Scientists are developing a flour made from baked coffee beans to serve both as a food ingredient and nutritional supplement. A recent Harvard study showed that people who drank three to five cups a day had a 15 percent lower chance of prematurely dying than non-drinkers. 

Men, take note. Eat more fruits to reduce the risk of erectile dysfunction. 

Are wraps really healthier than sandwiches? Experts say the sandwich substitutes may seem healthier but often they are more highly processed and pack in more cals. 

The average age of first time moms is now higher than ever. New data shows 26 is the magical age to conceive. Effective birth control and career goals are cited as reasons for the trend. 

The financial costs of treating CT-induced cancer. 

Food and the single girl. Recent studies offer somewhat conflicting reports regarding the health behaviors of single vs. partnered individuals. Overall, it looks like singletons tend to be leaner, however those who cohabitant make healthier food choices and have greater variety in their diets. 

Have a fantastic weekend!