Weekend Wrap-Up 11.20.15

It's finally Friday! While the weekend may be (nearly) here, I plan to spend it in a flurry of productivity. Cleaning house, getting a head start on Thanksgiving cooking, and some final fall yard clean-up is in order. My hard work will be topped off by a Friendsgiving celebration. Who doesn't like an excuse to eat stuffing twice in one week? And, I'm not hosting! What's do you have in store for the weekend?

If you could use some reading material while waiting in line at the grocery store or simply for some much needed downtime, check out this week's more interesting medical news. 

The science behind why women cry more than men.

More money, more sex, more happiness? Not necessarily, study says. Recent research surveyed 11,285 men and 14,225 women finding that happiness increased with more frequent sex, but only up to once per week. So, there's your magic number, folks!

New 'Silent Partner' device emits sound waves to cancel the sound of snoring

Trying to eat less? Make your meal memorable. Studies show that having a memory of a meal is essential to controlling eating habits. And, eating sweet foods helps reinforce meal memory. Pass the pumpkin pie, please!

The longevity gap - America's big spending on healthcare isn't paying off

Don't fear the Frankenfish! This week, for the first time, the FDA approved a genetically engineered animal for human consumption. The genetically altered of salmon grows much faster than the natural variety thanks to an inserted gene. 

Should you exercise or get a little extra sleep? Scientists can't quite decide. Here's what they've found. 

Men tend to overeat like cavemen to impress women. In fact, men eat almost twice as much in the presence of the fairer sex. Researchers theorize the phenomenon is an un conscious way to show off biological fitness. 

Survey says...costlier brand name drugs don't boost patient satisfaction

Scurvey...it's a serious public health problem even for people who aren't 18th century pirates. Could your patients be suffering from inadequate vitamin C intake?


Have a wonderful weekend!