Valentine's Day Scrub Tops That Aren't Tacky

Valentine's Day (or Singles Awareness Day, acronym S.A.D., as my sister likes to call it) is just around the corner. I have, of course, been making the most of the excuse to indulge in large quantities of chocolate. I'm not normally one to match my scrubs to the holiday at hand, but this year there are a few romance inspired scrub options on the market that fit the bill of being tasteful rather than tacky. 

So, whether you'll be spending this Valentine's Day alone on your couch with Netflix or cuddled up next to your sig-o, consider showing a little love at work this weekend with these more understated scrub picks. 


1. V-Neck Heart Top

This V-neck heart top features a strong but simple design, perfect for the upcoming holiday. Complete with a faux collar, feminine touches give the top just a little something extra. 


2. Color Block with the Blue Sky Summer Collection

If patterns and prints aren't your thing, give your scrub set a little extra flare by blocking colors. Pair Blue Sky's strawberry scrub top with sun-kissed scarlet scrub bottoms. Rather than serving as a one-time Valentine's Day wear, these scrubs can double as a bright summertime option come warmer weather. 


3. Marvella White Cross Scrub Top

Show some love on the job February 14th with the Marvella White Cross scrub top. Understated tones keep this busy pattern from being too over the top. Pair the top with simple black bottoms for a polished look or red bottoms if you're hoping to catch your crush's eye. 


4. Go Purple with Koi

Purple is a widely underused Valentine's Day color option. Express yourself simply by wearing a purple scrub set to celebrate the holiday. Koi's scrub tops in grape fit the bill. 


5. Heartsoul Keyhole Mock Wrap Top

If pink, purple and red aren't your thing, this top's for you. The Heartsoul Mock Wrap scrub top in lime gets the Valentine's Day message across without conforming to the typical holiday color palette. 


6. Stick With the Classics- FIGS Pink

If you want to make a straightforward Valentine's statement, going all pink gets the message across. FIGS pink cabral scrub top paired with pink cargo scrub pants conveys a sleek, classic style while acknowledging the holiday at hand. 


How are you planning to celebrate Valentine's Day?


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