Top 10 Favorite Women's Lab Coats

You know the drill.  You wake up and get ready for a long day at the clinic or hospital making sure your clothes are clean and wrinkle free.  You take a quick look in the mirror...presentable.  Then, once at work you throw on your big, baggy, shapeless lab coat hiding all of your painstaking effort at the ironing board.  Does the cute, fashionable lab coat exist?  We have discovered ten different figure friendly lab coats for women.

1. Grey's Anatomy Barco 32" Lab Coat ($34.95)





You have to love the Grey's Anatomy brand for pioneering the women's fitted scrub craze and designing our overall favorite lab coat.  At 32 inches in length, this lab coat is neither to short nor too long.  Two front pockets give adequate storage for the busy nurse practitioner and are accented by a cute button closure.  The flattering cut of this lab coat makes it a must-have.



2. Sketcher's 28" Novelty Lab Coat ($25.99)



Similar to the our favorite Grey's lab coat, the Sketcher's 28 inch Novelty Lab Coat features an eye-catching button pocket closure.  We also love the bold button front of this coat.  The shorter length and higher neckline of this jacket makes it ideal for petite frames.  One possible drawback to this coat; the fabric does not appear as thick and durable as other lab coats that made our top 10 list. 





3. Peaches Belted Empire Waist Lab Coat ($29.95)



Love this lab coat!  The empire waist feature adds some extra flare to the standard lab coat design.  At 33 inches long, this coat is the longest jacket featured on our top 10 list.  Two large patch pockets provide plenty of space for prescription pads, pens and all the other gadgets you need to make it through your day.






4. Cherokee Women's Fashion White Pin Tuck Lab Coat ($26.95)



The super-cute pocket detail on this coat caught our eye.  Beneath this added detail are two patch pockets on each side creating added storage.  Princess seams create a not-too baggy look while still leaving room for movement.  At 28 inches, this coat is ideal for those nurse practitioners who like the shorter look. 






5. Medelita Ellody Original 34" Lab Coat ($94)



If you don't know the brand Medelita, you must familiarize yourself!  Medelita is synonymous with quality.  Their fabrics are thick, comfortable, and come out of the dryer with very few wrinkles.  This quality does come at a higher cost, however for something you will wear daily the extra expense is warranted.   This lab coat features an inside pocket for hidden storage and fabric protector to help repeal and release stains. 





6. Landau Women's Pocket Swing Style Medical Jacket ($27.95)



Looking for something outside the box?  This lab coat by Landau offers a unique look with a two button front closure.  Storage is provided in conjunction with style by two roomy front pockets.  This coat provides the functionality you need from a lab coat with feminine style lacking in traditional lab coats. 






7. BlueSky Scrubs Preston Twill Lab Coat ($98)



We love how a hint of grey gives this otherwise traditional women's lab coat a sophisticated and modern look.  Known for its quality and style, BlueSky Scrubs did not cut and corners when designing this coat.  100% cotton textured fabric makes this jacket comfortable yet durable.  Teflon stain protector repels spills and aids in stain release.  Storage is not sacrificed by the style of this coat as it offers both external and internal pockets. 





8. Landau Women's Modern iPad Coat ($27.99)



We love the comfy, casual look of this lab coat by Landau.  The snap closure, crew neck, short (29 inch) length and multiple pockets all lend themselves to creating a laid-back style.  Sleeves are cuffed making them easy to pull up when needed.  And, of course, the pockets are large enough for iPad storage.






9. SCRUB/ink Mid-Length Lab Coat ($44.99)


This coat is featured for it's great storage capacity.  With seven pockets, four external and three internal, this jacket is designed for functionality.  Despite the numerous pockets, this lab coat retains a fitted cut and is perfect for the nurse practitioner seeking a traditional look.  







10. Babyphat Lab Coat Tales Signature Lab Coat ($25.99)



We choose this coat for it's great fit.  The slim cut and princess seaming of this jacket will complement your style and offset the bagginess of scrubs.  Ideal for the busy nurse practitioner, this coat features plenty of storage and is long enough to protect from messes. 




Medelita lab coats are the best hands down. They also have way more styles than the one shown. They are so stylish and professional!


Why do you call these lab coats. They are all too short to provide adequate coverage and safety to people who actually work in labs.


#5 should be #1. Medelita coats are the best. The fabric is amazing, and they fit like a charm. I love mine!


I came here to look for another fitted and "figure friendly" lab coat. I have two of the Grey's Anatomy and I'm glad to have purchased it. It is real good quality and it does look super nice and fashionable. Thanks for this list. I'll try the others in hope to have something I like even better than #1 on this list although so far we both agree that it's still the most fashionable out there.

Thanks for the list!