Time to Start NP Program Applications for Fall 2013!

If one of your New Year's resolutions is to enroll in a nurse practitioner program, you'd better get busy!  I know you are currently occupied by removing bits tinsel from under your couch, jogging off the cookies your children left out for Santa and attempting to locate a home for Christmas gifts in your already packed closets but applying for a NP program must become your top priority this month.

Most nurse practitioner programs' application deadlines for acceptance to the Fall 2013 semester end in March or April.  Although you still have some time, these next few months will go quickly and you have a few essential application tasks to complete.  You will want to devote plenty of time to writing your admissions essays in order to impress admissions officers so start writing early.  Don't forget to ask your mentors for letters of recommendation long before they are actually due giving them plenty of time to finish this assignment.

Need advice on where to apply to a nurse practitioner program?  Do you have questions regarding if the nurse practitioner career is right for you?  Comment below and let a fellow nurse practitioner help you out!