Throwback Thursday! Nurses Through the Decades

Happy Nurse's Week! I hope your employer has acknowledged you with the standard gift of junk food. This week I realized that nurse practitioners really have it best when it comes to nursing centered celebrations. Not only are we acknowledged in May for Nurse's Week, but again in November with Nurse Practitioner Week. Shh...don't tell. I need all the free break room cupcakes I can get!

Recently, I instituted Throwback Thursday in my own home by mandating that my husband and I watch a former favorite movie on Thursday evenings. Lined up for tonight is E.T., which I have never actually seen but my husband assures me is a must watch. In similar fashion, I thought it would be fun to acknowledge Nurse's Week by taking a look back at nursing history. Check out these Throwback Thursday pics.

WWII nurse Edith Shain holds the iconic photo of herself kissing a sailor in her nurse's uniform


Over North Africa, American flight nurse tends to wounded patients, spring 1943


The first Navy flight nurse, ENS Jane Kendeigh, became the symbol for casualty evacuation and high altitude nursing


WWI nurses in France


Massachusetts General Hospital 1847


The Navy Nurse Corps founded in 1908, the first women officially in the Navy


German nurses show off eleven New Year's Day babies in 1933


Perfecting nursing cap style


The call for more men in nursing, 2004


Happy Nurse's Week!