These Psych NP Programs Have a 100% Certification Pass Rate

If you're thinking about going back to school to become a psychiatric nurse practitioner, there's a lot to consider as you make decisions about your education. Program flexibility, cost, and curriculum all factor in to selecting the best school for your needs. Aside from these more obvious factors, we also suggest prospective nurse practitioners look at the way schools structure clinical placements as well as at the success rate of the program's grads on the national nurse practitioner certification exam. 

Most nurse practitioner programs don't publish certification pass rate information, making these stats difficult to find. So, we've reached out to psychiatric nurse practitioner programs across the country, inquiring about the percentage of the school's graduates that pass the national certification exam. The following psychiatric NP programs have a 100% success rate among graduates on this all-important test. 



Certification statistics are a good indicator of how well nurse practitioner programs prepare students for practice. While these aren't the only metrics you should consider as you compare psychiatric nurse practitioner programs, they are certainly worth noting. 

Where will you go for your psychiatric nurse practitioner degree?


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Can you tell me the rate for University of Cincinnati?

Teresa Ann Fox