Taylor Swift Has an Agent, Shouldn't You?

Nashville, Tennessee where I live is one of those unassuming places celebs can be spotted but not bothered. Tim McGraw once directed my roommate and I into a parking spot at the movie theater where he then proceeded to walk, hand in hand, into the theater with wife Faith Hill. Naturally, my roommate and I immediately changed our movie selection and picked a seat directly behind the pair. 

Nicole Kidman was in my spin class at the gym one year, her personal trainer protectively peddling by her side. Taylor Swift has attended my church on occasion, a barrage of security guards and black SUV's tracking her every move. I think she has a bigger security detail than the president.

Whenever I see a high profile celeb in public, I'm reminded of the "Celebs, They're Just Like Us!" column in US Weekly magazine. Only, they're not exactly like us. From personalized workouts and special treatment in restaurants and bars to the watchful surveillance of security personnel, celebrities seem to have someone to help them with everything. Even those so famous they're in high demand like Taylor Swift have someone, an agent, to help them find and sort through job offers. 

Over the past few years, MidlevelU readers have given me feedback that their nurse practitioner programs prepared them well for clinical practice but not so well for finding a job. They graduate from their NP programs uncertain of the next steps to take. Filling out online job search forms leads to an overwhelming barrage of calls from recruiters. How do you know which recruiter has your best interests in mind? Which relationship will lead to the most productive job search? Based on this feedback I received, I decided to take a stab at solving the problem. 

Just like your favorite celebrity has an agent managing their appearances, the MidlevelU Career Advisor Program is giving nurse practitioners an agent in their job search process. Here's why, as an NP you need an agent.

Recruiters are paid by employers, in most cases hospitals or clinics, to place nurse practitioners in jobs. They are compensated for helping employers find an NP matched to the position. So, this means the employer, not the nurse practitioner, is the recruiter's client. The way the system is currently set up, nurse practitioners don't have anyone personally representing their interests in the job search. Enter the Career Advisor Program. 

The MidlevelU Career Advisor program is uniquely positioned to represent nurse practitioners in their job search. Similar to a real estate transaction in which both the home buyer and the home seller have agents, with the Career Advisor program both the employer and nurse practitioner have agents. The employer's agent is the recruiter. The nurse practitioner's agent is a MidlevelU Career Advisor. 

Using a MidlevelU Career Advisor as your agent is a no-risk decision. It doesn't cost you anything. A MidlevelU Career Advisor will conduct a job search for you helping you find a position that's right for you. Working with a Career Advisor puts you ahead of other candidates in the job search process giving you an 'in' with many employers. It gives you someone to consult regarding any questions that come up as you interview for jobs and sign an employment agreement. 

Just like Taylor Swift and other celebs have someone find and sort through job offers and consider opportunities that come their way, as a nurse practitioner you deserve to have someone acting as an advocate for you as well. 


Connect with a MidlevelU Career Advisor today. We look forward to helping you find a job!


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