Start Your Job Search with the Career Advisor eBook!

Ladies and gentlemen! It's finally here! We've been working long and hard to put together our thoughts and advice on finding a nurse practitioner job here at MidlevelU. Today I'm happy to announce that we have finaly completed the first ever edition of the MidlevelU Career Advisor eBookOh yeah, and it's free. What's in this eBook you say?

I think a few FAQ's are in order to give you an idea.

Will the Career Advisor eBook help me craft the perfect resume?

Yes! OK, well pretty close. From sample resumes to resume red flags, the eBook will give you detailed information when it comes to creating your next nurse practitioner resume. While we won't spell check your document for you or be able to resolve those pesky formatting issues you have with your computer (does anyone else have problems getting margins to line up?!), we are happy to review your resume personally as well. 

I have a job interview coming up. How can the Career Advisor eBook help?

The Career Advisor eBook covers the nurse practitioner interview process from start to finish. Prepare ahead of time for your interview by mastering our trick for answering each and every interview question that gets thrown your way. Kick off the morning of your interview with our "Day Of Interview Checklist". Interviews can be nerve-wracking but with a little preparation you'll shine above other applicants. 

I'm running into some hurdles as a new grad nurse practitioner. Does the Career Advisor eBook address these issues?

We're glad you asked. Here at MidlevelU HQ we've become pros at dealing with what we affectionately refer to as the "new grad problem". We relish the opportunity to help recently graduated nurse practitioners find a position that's a good fit. And, we've imparted our advice in the Career Advisor eBook. 

Uh, it sounds like you really love new grads. Can experienced nurse practitioners learn anything from the Career Advisor eBook?

Of course! There's always room for improvement when it comes to resume writing, interview skills, and your approach to the NP job search regardless of your level of experience. For example, in the Career Advisor eBook you might learn about issues to be aware of in signing your employment agreement or how to let your current employer know you'll be leaving your job. 

I'm not currently searching for a job. Can I still get a copy of the Career Advisor eBook?

Even if you aren't currently on the job hunt we'd be more than happy to send a copy of our eBook your way. Whether you're in the early stages of your nurse practitioner education or have been retired for 20 years, we think it makes pretty good reading material. Keeping your next employment steps in mind is always a good idea. 

Sounds good! How do I get my copy?

Click here to get the new Career Advisor eBook delivered to your inbox today!

If you have any questions about the new eBook or could use some personalized attention in your job search, we're happy to help. Email us at and we'll be in touch.