Share Your DNP Capstone Project on MidlevelU!

Can you believe that graduation season is nearly here? The sun has been filtering through my bedroom curtains at an earlier hour this week and the tulips I planted in my front yard this winter are awakening from their dormant state. Yes, spring has arrived. Just as the month of September conjures images of freshly sharpened pencils and the anticipation of the school year, spring holds the excitement of the end of an academic term. 

Whether you are just beginning your nurse practitioner journey by enrolling in an RN or BSN program, or completing it with your MSN, you've worked hard this year and deserve to be commended. It's not easy being in school, especially if you're a student balancing the responsibilities of work, life, and family. If you've opted to go the distance and get your DNP, our hats go off to you here at MidlevelU. 

For most nurse practitioners, getting a doctorate is an optional achievement. It doesn't come easy and isn't mandatory. If you're completing a DNP program in 2015, your accomplishment is a testament to your motivation, tenacity, and dedication to your practice. Congrats!

Here at MidlevelU, we would love to acknowledge the hard work you've put in to your DNP Capstone Project by featuring it on the MidlevelU blog. We want to learn from your research, not to mention be inspired by the progress you've made as a nurse practitioner. If you would like to showcase your work to the MidlevelU nurse practitioner community, please send us the following (

  • Your name, school affiliation, and an photo of yourself showing some personality (OK, photo is optional but highly encouraged!)
  • Title and purpose of your project
  • Brief abstract or summary of your project and findings (Feel free to take either an academic or casual tone)
  • Anything else you want to share about your experiences in completing your DNP Capstone Project

​We can't wait to see what you have to share!


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