Review of Dansko's New Fall Collection + Giveaway

My favorite thing about fall is not the shedding leaves, the crisp, clear weather or bonding with friends over college football.  No, my favorite thing about fall is shopping.  With fall comes blue jeans and boots, scarves and blazers, casual and comfortable clothing abounds.  Fortunately, this season one of the healthcare brands we know and love, Dansko, is branching out and capturing this familiar fall look.

While healthcare professionals most often associate Dansko footwear with work, the brand has released a Fall Collection focused on after work wear.  Now busy nurses, NPs, PAs and MDs can experience the comfort they enjoy with Dansko's traditional clog in the social setting.  Dansko offers three new lines of fall footwear, the Ventura Collection, the Monaco Collection and the Havana collection.

A devoted wearer of Dansko's Professional Clogs on the job, when the fine folks at Dansko reached out and asked if I would be interested in road testing their new Fall Collection, I eagerly agreed.  Could it be possible to pair comfort with fashion footwear?  Browsing through Danko's new offerings, I selected my favorite, the Franka shoe from the Havana collection.  When my Franka wedges arrived, I tore open the box and immediately noticed a difference from my old Danko Pro's.  The Franka was taller and less clunky than my usual workplace pick.  While the fit was similar in comfort and size to my traditional clogs, I felt much more stylish with the bit of extra lift and strappy feature the Franka offered.

While I won't wear my new duds with a cocktail dress or for a fancy night out, they will pair perfectly with skinny jeans at an afternoon tailgate or with a scarf and sweater on my fall weekend shopping ventures.  Dansko's Fall Collection stays true to the brand's devotion to comfort making even their more fashionable lines the perfect option for a jam-packed day on your feet.

Overall, Dansko's Fall Collection is a sort of mix between the traditional clog and more trendy footwear like bootie and wedges.  These shoes offer a bit more of a heel than your average clog and feature bits of decorative detail such as studs and cutouts.  Dansko's Fall Collection sports a sleeker look than their famous line of clogs offering wearers both comfort and style. 

Dansko has generously offered to give away a pair of shoes from their new fall collection to one lucky MidlevelU reader.  Enter to win by telling us why you need a new pair of shoes for fall.  E-mail your entry to by Tuesday, September 10th for your chance to win. 


Actually they do have Danskos for males. They have them in the Professional but only in black and brown. I love my black ones since I can wear them with my khakis to work on Monday thru Thursday and with my jeans on Friday.


Sorry Scott!  We will make sure to include something for the guys next time

Erin Tolbert

Too bad these are all female shoes, or I would be signing up for a new pair of pro clogs. Maybe one of these years. Haha...