Presenting the New MidlevelU Job Board!

I mentioned a few months ago that my husband and I traveled to India in March. Not only did I chow down on naan and chicken tikka during our trip (which resulted in a GI bug, I might add), I worked with our tech team making some serious strides in improving the MidlevelU site. The first update to the website you may have noticed is MidlevelU's newfound mobile friendliness (Finally!). As of this week, you can not only browse MidlevelU with ease while you're out and about, you can check out the latest nurse practitioner job postings. Yes, that's right, we've got a job board

I have enjoyed getting to know many of you through the MidlevelU Career Advisor Program and absolutely love the excitement that comes with helping you look for a job. I truly love my career as a nurse practitioner and am so happy you let me be a part of yours as well. So, thank you. 

While I have connected with many of you personally, I couldn't help but think there was a better way to get the word out about the latest and greatest nurse practitioner jobs to those of you searching for a new position that I haven't had a chance to chat with. Enter the new MidlevelU Career Advisor Job Board!

The MidlevelU tech team in India has been working hard to get the job board up and running (not to mention been more than patient with my lack of computer savvy) since my visit. You can check out MidlevelU's new job board here. Don't forget to visit often as we will be updating the job board with new positions (almost) daily. 

If you don't see an opportunity that fits your needs, feel free to reach out to a MidlevelU Career Advisor for personalized job search help and advice. 

Happy job hunting!