Is Organic Food Really Healthier?

I would describe myself as health conscious- not a health fanatic, I am after all eating left over macaroni and cheese as I write this, but I am certainly nutritionally aware.  I have considered going organic in the past but never decided if the added expense of pesticide-free foods was worth trading in part of my monthly clothing budget.  Thankfully, based on recent research, I now have some scientific answers to the question "Is organic food really better for your health?". 

According to NPR, the organic food industry brings in a whopping $29 billion each year.  Soccer moms across the country are drawn to the promise of fruits and veggies free of pesticides and fertilizer residue.  A recent study by the Annals of Internal Medicine, however shows that consumption of organic foods may not provide health benefits compared to foods grown in a standard environment.

Researcher Crystal Smith-Spangler of Stanford University examined health differences between people who eat conventional vs. organic foods.  Organic foods were found to convey no benefit in preventing eczema and other allergic conditions among children.  Eating organic meat did not provide a decreased risk of food-borne infection among consumers.  The quality of nutrients in organic foods was also not found to vary significantly compared to non-organic fruits and vegetables.  What about the ever present concern for pesticides that drives consumers toward the organic food aisle?  Yes, organic foods did contain less pesticide reside than other produce however researchers deem the amount to be insignificant to your health.  

Researchers state that further studies addressing organic foods are warranted to further explore this topic.  But, for now it looks like the long touted benefits of organic foods are questionable.  I think my monthly clothing budget is safe. 


This is a question that comes to every one's mind while purchasing organic foods. But many studies have revealed that the organic foods does not contain extra nutritional value as compared to the conventional ones. This is true that organic food items contains less pesticides and are grown by sustainable farming. So people must not blindly crave for organic foods.