Nurse's Week Grand Finale Giveaway!

Yes, I realize there are two days left in Nurse's Week but I plan on using the weekend for some much needed R&R.  So, let's celebrate the end of the week early.  It's been a fabulous week of scrub fashion here at MidlevelU in recognition of nurses and I'm finishing the week off with one last giveaway.  I decided to save my personal favorite product for the Nurse's Week Grand Finale.

Figs Scrubs are my most recent nursing product find.  I spotted them on a co-worker strolling down the hospital hallway the other day and just had to ask "Where did you get those scrubs?".  They were crisp, clean, bright and looked oh so comfy.  They were fitted- but not tight- and just long enough to meet her shoes but not drag on the floor.  These scrubs simply looked sharp.  

When I arrived home from work that evening, I thought I deserved a little online shopping.  So, I sought some Figs of my own.  I poked around the Figs site a bit noticing their Threads for Threads program.  For every set of scrubs sold, Figs gives another set to a provider in need.  From Haiti to Kenya, Figs outfits healthcare providers around the globe.  Given my penchant for international travel, I fell in love just a bit more.

I purchased my first pair of Figs in black.  I was of course elated when they arrived in the mail a few days later, waiting for my arrival on the front porch.  I tore open the box finding my new scrubs folded to perfection.  

After a quick try-on I tossed them in the wash crossing my fingers.  You never know how these things are going to turn out.  To my relief, my new scrubs exited the wash intact.  Time for the dryer test..."please don't shrink, please don't shrink".  My new set if Figs exited the dryer still crisply colored, wrinkle free and just a tad shorter than before.  Still a perfect fit.  

Fortunately, founders of Figs, Heather and Trina, have graciously agreed to give away one set of Figs scrubs to a lucky reader in honor of Nurse's Week.  How can you win a set of these "100% awesome" scrubs?  E-mail me at by May 12th and let me know why your work wardrobe could use an upgrade.

I hope you all continue to have a wonderful Nurse's Week!