Nurse Practitioner Week Grand Finale Giveaway!

The weekend has arrived! Whether you've got plans galore, are Netflixing on the couch, or are snuggled up under the covers avoiding the bite of the fall morning, I hope you are enjoying this last day of Nurse Practitioner Week 2015. The occasion should most certainly be used as an excuse to indulge. To end Nurse Practitioner Week in style, we've got one final MidlevelU giveaway sponsored by our friends at FIGS. 

I've been a FIGS scrubs fan since I tried my first set of the brand's scrubs a few years ago. In fact, I believe I still own my original set. While FIGS' scrub style has been updated over the past few years, I can't help but continue wearing my tried and true old favorites. Unlike most other scrub brands I've tried, the fabric holds a crisp, fresh look wash after wash. And, I'm not even a laundry-sorter (don't tell my mom...). 

The downfall of my original set of FIGS is the lack of pockets in the pants and single pocket on top. When I'm rushing through the emergency department with an armload of suturing supplies, pockets are a must. Fortunately, FIGS heard nurses' feedback and now offers scrub top styles with one, two or four pockets. The pouch pocket scrub top is even cooler with a one-of-a-kind kangaroo pocket, similar to your favorite sweatshirt. Not to mention, bottoms have been modified to feature pockets as well. With work duds for both guys and gals in a variety of styles, cuts and sizes, nurse practitioners of all kinds will find fitting scrubs with FIGS.

As Nurse Practitioner Week 2015 comes to a close, FIGS is giving away a set of scrubs to one MidlevelU reader. Enter to win by emailing with the reason you could use new work wear. 

















Happy Nurse Practitioner Week!