Need a Spring Break? Continuing Medical Education Getaways

Tired of dreary weather?  Bored of the daily grind?  Perhaps you need to take a Spring employer-funded one at that.  Continuing education conferences are an excellent way to take a mini (or not so mini) vacay at a drastically reduced or subsidized price.  Simply attend a few hours of class each day taking in new, career building information then spend the rest of your time soaking in the sights, sounds and hopefully sun of your destination.  Here are a few conferences that will fulfill your desire for a career Spring Break while meeting your educational needs.

1. 28th AANP National Conference (Las Vegas, Nevada)

Who doesn't love spending a long weekend in Vegas?  Las Vegas' people watching is unmatched, it's swimming pools glitter in the hot sun and the atmosphere is unprecedentedly festive all topped with the off chance of winning a few hundred (or thousand?!) bucks.  During the last AANP National Conference in Las Vegas, I ignored my husband's pleas warning that slots are unlucky and won 800 dollars the very first time I pulled the handle of that sparkling slot machine.  True story.  Registration is open for the 2013 AANP National Conference held June 19 to 23.  Nurse practitioners in every stage of their careers must consider attending.  From management of viral hepatitis to dermatological procedures, NP's are sure to come away from this conference brimming with new knowledge and skills. 

2. NPACE Primary Care Conference and Pharmacology Update (Cape Cod, Massachusetts)

Clam bake anyone?  If you are looking for a getaway a little more down to earth than a Vegas vacation, this conference could be the perfect fit.  The NPACE (Nurse Practitioner Associates for Continuing Education) Primary Care Conference (June 24 to 26) and Pharmacology Update (June 27 to 28) offers an information rich curriculum in the sleepy town of Cape Cod, Massachusetts.  Although I have never visited this quaint location, I hear it is a must see.  What better way to explore the country than to do so while learning about 'The Latest in Vitamin D' and 'Contraception Across the Lifespan'?

3. National Conference on Wilderness and Travel Medicine (Santa Fe, New Mexico)

Wilderness Medicine conferences are at the top of my personal list for my next continuing medical education confrence pick.  Santa Fe, New Mexico (May 29 to June 2) might be just the place to begin my wilderness medicine education.  This conference's U.S. location make it more affordable than other international offerings (diving in Fiji anyone?) while still providing interesting courses such as 'Fever in the Returning Traveler' and 'Snakebites'.  Your educational experience will be punctuated by time to participate in activities like whitewater rafting on the Rio Grande and hiking to ancient Pueblo Indian ruins.  If you have a knack for the outdoors, the National Conference on Wilderness and Travel Medicine promises to satisfy your quest for adventure while meeting your nurse practitioner continuing education requirements.

4. Rheumatology and Musculoskeletal Medicine for Primary Care (Napa, California)


Not the outdoors type?  If discussing snake venom and spending the afternoon careening down a raging river aren't for you, sipping a glass of vino and gazing at the Northern California sunset might be more your speed.  The  Rheumatology and Musculoskeletal Medicine for Primary Care conference hosted by Medical Education Resources Inc., April 26 to 28, offers a wine country resort experience alongside orthopedic education.  Courses such as 'Crystal Disease: Gout and Pseudogout' begin attendee's mornings while afternoons are left open to imbibe.

5. Primary Care: ECG and Arrhythmia Interpretation with Focus on a Clinical Approach (Seattle, Washington)

Nothing says Spring Break quite like setting sail.  In an effort to put a professional spin on your Spring Break destination, why not forgo Panama City and embark on an Alaskan Cruise?  Departing from Seattle, Washington, Continuing Education, Inc.'s University at Sea Primary Care ECG and Arrhythmia Interpretation (May 18 to 25) conference whisks medical providers up the coast of Alaska, into renowned Glacier Bay and back.  Throughout this journey, conference participants master the art of ECG interpretation.  This is undoubtedly the most tolerable way to learn the in's and out's of the heart's complicated electrical activity.  My husband and I had the opportunity to attend a University at Sea conference last year and were wowed by the abilities and knowledge of conference presenters and loved the balance of vacation and education offered by this continuing medical education company. 

6. 12th Annual Spring Conference on Hot Topics in Primary Care (Aruba, Dutch Caribbean)

If you love a good old fashioned beach vacation complete with sun, sand and surf then this conference is for you.  The 12th Annual Hot Topics in Primary Care conference promises presentations on a wide variety of topics from 'Adolescent Substance Abuse' to 'Case Studies in the Diagnosis and Management of Hyponatremia'.  Courses adjourn around noon each day leaving plenty of time for relaxation.  Get your passport and bikini (or trunks!) ready for this conference of a lifetime April 10 to 13. 

Is there a continuing medical education conference you would recommend to other nurse practitioners?  Are you attending the 28th AANP National Conference?  Let us know by commenting below!