MidlevelU's Nurse Practitioner Program of the Month May 2012


MidlevelU's Nurse Practitioner Program of the Month May 2012: University of Virginia

  • University of Virginia is #1 on MidlevelU's list of Top 20 Nurse Practiioner Programs
  • University of Virginia offers multiple nurse practitioner programs including many dual degree programs allowing their nurse practitioner students to explore their specific areas of interest
  • 92 to 100% of University of Virginia's students pass the national nurse practitioner certification exam (national average is around 84%)
  • 100% of graduates from University of Virginia's nurse practitoiner programs are employed as nurse practitioners within one year of graduation
  • The nursing faculty and admissions staff are awesome!  They are quick to respond to requests and very helpful in providing information to prospective students. 
  • University of Viringia arranges nurse practitioner student's clinical sites for them.  This helps to ensure that you will complete your clinical assignment in a timely manner and not be stuck without a clinical placement.