Medical Week in Review 9.5.14

Don't you just love the days following a three day weekend? The work week seems so perfectly short, a much more amenable balance of work and leisure. This weekend, I'm attending the NPACE nurse practitioner conference in Nashville. Not only is the conference located conveniently to my home, it has given me an excuse to check out the city's new Omni hotel and dine in some of my favorite downtown eateries. What do you have planned for the weekend?

If the short work week has kept you out of the loop, catch up with this week's more interesting medical news. 

Can stress really make you go grey? Time answers the pressing question using aging Barak Obama as a case study. Experts say the president could be going grey due to job-related woes but it's not likely. As we age, our hair loses pigment as a result of a reduction in melanin, stressed or not. 

Men, there's a new solution for dealing with 'Moobs'. 90 percent of men will suffer from unsightly man boobs at some point in their lives. So, one Japanese company has created a bra just for dudes. 

Mississippi remains an epic fail when it comes to health. The state has retained it's title as the fattest state in the nation for the seventh year in a row. 

Pretending to be a patient pays off for this teen. 16-year-old Nuki plans to be a doctor. In the meantime, she learns more about medicine by working as a 'standardized patient'. She memorizes a case history then is 'treated' by medical students helping them develop their skills. 

Who's rescuing whom here? Shelter dogs and prison inmates give each other a new 'leash' on life. 

The world will laugh less without Joan Rivers. What many don't know is that the late comedian didn't just crack jokes. She could also be found delivering food to HIV/AIDS patients and working in suicide prevention efforts. 

Watch the incredible moment a 7-week-old baby hears for the first time

An interesting connection-pilots and aricraft crew have twice the incidence of melanoma compared to the general population. Authors of the study believe this is a result of increased exposure to UV light and cosmetic radiation at high altitudes. 

And the first ever completely functional lab created organ is....the thymus! While medicine would be better served with a way to generate a heart or lung, the ability to grow even just this tiny organ is a big first step.

Brazilian botch? Shaving 'down there' could harm your health. Shaving your nether regions may raise your risk of catching molluscum contagiosum, to name one health risk. 


Have a wonderful weekend!